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The Original Hair Cinch™

How To Create
"The Princess" Style

"The Princess" starts the same as for a regular Ponytail, only with just a section of hair, instead of all of it. (It’s also how you start the Hair Cinch™ French Braid style.)

1. Instead of bringing all your hair into the first loop, as in the basic how-to demonstration, you start here by combing or gathering hair from the crown section of the head. You can start the section at the temples, or higher for this style.

2. When you have the crown section evenly gathered in one hand, pull it thru the first loop in your Hair Cinch. Twist the leather strap once underneath, and bring the hair back thru the loop, like you would a hair band or scrunchie. Cinch the bead snugly into place. Continue with the second bead, just like you’ve installed the first one, with just that section of hair. Repeat the steps until the last bead is cinched into place.

Hint: Sometimes it’s helpful after the first bead is cinched to band off the rest of your hair, or pull it over your shoulder and out of your way.

3. Finish it off by wrapping the ends around the ponytail until you can tie them in the front in an overhand or half knot, as described under our basic how-to instructions. When you are finished it should look just like the examples on this page!

Hint: Practice once or twice to the side with just some of your hair, to get the feel for it. You can also choose to stand in front of a mirror, if that is helpful. You should have no trouble after practicing it once or twice.

Remember, after you tighten a bead, you can let go of everything. You can even see what you are doing using two mirrors . You can rest your arms when you like. Unlike other braiding techniques, you don’t lose your work when you stop after tightening a bead!

IMPORTANT TIP: Always keep the bead you are cinching up away from the hair... at almost a 90º angle... as you slide the bead. This avoids catching hair in the bead when installing and removing your Hair Cinch™.

To remove the Hair Cinch™

Your Hair Cinch™ is designed to STAY IN PLACE until you remove it! To safely remove it, please DO NOT attempt to take the entire Hair Cinch™ out at once by uncinching more than one bead at a time. The Hair Cinch™ is best removed by uncinching ONE BEAD AT A TIME and unwrapping that section of leather from around your hair. Just the reverse of the way it went in.

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