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Frequently Asked Questions

"What is a Hair Cinch?"

Our Patented Hair Cinch is simply a new twist on an ancient hair jewelry idea of adorning the hair with leather and beads. We’ve adapted and modernized this concept to create our unique, easy to use, beautiful, functional hair accessory. The Hair Cinch™ is based on a simple idea of wrapping the hair securely with beautiful beads and leather. But not just any beads and leather. Our leather is the strongest rawhide lacing we can find, specially prepared with a suede finish on each side of the strap, to give it maximum holding power in even the silkiest hair. Our beads are a strong and resilient, yet lightweight polymer resin. They’re made to last, and they’re so light, you’ll hardly notice the weight of them in your hair.

The Original Hair Cinch brings leather and beads together in a whole new way, and we offer them to you with a Lifetime Warranty.

"How does a Hair Cinch work, and is it easy to use?"

A Hair Cinch is as easy to use as a hair band or a scrunchie. The technique is virtually the same. When you put an elastic hair band around your ponytail, you twist it once and then bring your hair back through it again, and release it. You do the same with the Hair Cinch, beginning with the top loop. You grab your hair through the loop, twist it once and bring your hair back through it again. Only now you just slide the bead until it’s snug against your hair, and release it. It’s simple! You just repeat the steps (through, twist, back through, slide the bead) until you run out of beads!

See our How To & Style Guide for complete step-by-step instructions and slideshows for our most basic and popular Hair Cinch™ hairstyles.

"Who can wear a Hair Cinch?"

Just about anyone can wear a Hair Cinch, if they have shoulder length hair or longer! It works for men, women and children, regardless of age or hair type.

The longer your hair is, the more you can do with the Hair Cinch. One of its most wonderful characteristics is its unique ability to adjust to ALL TYPES of hair...from baby-fine and flyaway, to very coarse hair. The Hair Cinch works just as well with thin as thick hair, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s curly, straight, or wavy. It doesn’t matter if its all one length, or cut in layers. The Hair Cinch brings it all together neatly, and even works over braids. Even if nothing else has worked in your hair in the past, we assure you the Original Hair Cinch will stay put!

We have thousands of customers of all ages and walks of life, each wearing their Hair Cinch for their own needs and occasions. Many wear them for their work as chefs, waiters, waitresses, mechanics, nurses, doctors, police officers, factory workers, musicians, models and more! Others wear them for sports and active living pursuits, such as cheerleading and marching band, dancing, and horseback riding. Our motorcycle, and boating enthusiasts tell us our Hair Cinch stays in at 80 miles an hour!

"How long does it take to receive my new Hair Cinch?"

Most orders are filled within 5-10 business days once payment is confirmed. Custom orders can take several weeks longer, but that’s so the longer lengths of leather can be made to meet our quality control standards. We also do our best during the Holidays to fill orders in a timely way, and assure your gifts arrive on time. Customers will always be notified via e-mail or telephone concerning any unusual delays.

"How long can I wear a Hair Cinch?"

You can leave your Hair Cinch in all day long! It’s lightweight, so you hardly notice it (the weight, that is... because you’ll certainly be noticed wearing your beautiful new Hair Cinch) It’s easy to install, and remove each day. In fact, the only time we recommend you DON’T wear your Hair Cinch is for sleeping, swimming or showering. Getting the leather soaked will shorten its life. It’s okay to install your Hair Cinch while your hair is slightly damp, and it doesn’t seem to hurt it when you get caught in the rain! Remember: We offer you a full lifetime warranty, so for whatever reason, we’ll restring it for you. We want you to have your Hair Cinch for as long as you desire owning it.

"How do I care for my Hair Cinch?"

When installing your Hair Cinch, hold the leather securely just behind the bead you are cinching. This prevents unnecessary stress on the cord.
When not in use, store your Hair Cinch in a cool, dark place like a jewelry box or drawer.
Avoid installing your Hair Cinch in dripping wet hair (it’s okay if your hair is a bit damp), since getting the leather soaked will shorten its life.
Avoid swimming or showering with your Hair Cinch installed.
Avoid use with hair straightening chemicals and other hair waxing products. These often contain harsh chemicals and oils that can have a negative impact on the leather strap and the beads.

My Hair Cinch strap is too long. How can I shorten it?"

It’s really easy to shorten the strap of your Hair Cinch, but you need to be careful not to go too far, since you won’t be able to add the leather back once you remove the extra length. We intentionally make it long enough to work in anyone’s hair, no matter how thick or thin it may be. We usually recommend the ends hang no lower than the length of your hair when your Hair Cinch is properly installed.

So first, install your Hair Cinch around all of your hair in a full ponytail, just like the basic how to shows you. This style will use up the greatest length of leather of any style you might choose, and will give you a true sense of how much extra length needs to be removed. Be sure you wrap and tie off the ends.

Next, slide the beads at the end of each strap up until they are where you want them to be. Tie an overhand knot in the leather so it sits just where you want the beads to end. Once you’ve done that, you’ll simply cut off the extra bits of leather just below your new knot. (It’s a good idea to remove your Hair Cinch before trimming it, just so you don’t risk cutting your hair, too.) That’s all there is to it!

"How did you come up with the idea for the Hair Cinch?"

The owners, Erik and Margaret, created the Original Hair Cinch while Erik, a Certified Graduate Gemologist and artisan jeweler, was teaching the college jewelry program he developed at the famous Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

The idea for the Hair Cinch originated from research he was doing for his sculpting class, while he was growing his first ponytail. As a Master Jeweler, Erik created a number of things to hold his new ponytail, but each of them had its limitations, or unsatisfactory results, including damage to his hair. He noticed in his further research how certain Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Etruscan figures held their hair with thin strapping, resembling leather. He later noticed the way other cultures, especially Native Americans, used thin strapping to tie and decorate their hair with small beads and feathers.

Out of these images came the inspiration for the Hair Cinch design, and lead Erik to the unique fabrication and assembly of its components. Margaret, a former TV news writer, saw the potential of Erik's idea even before the prototype was finished. She found the perfect leather and beads and came up with the name Hair Cinch™ from the way you "cinch" the beads. Hair Cinch Fashions® and the Original Hair Cinch was born. From inspiration to prototype to finished product took nearly three years. And with his wife Margaret’s help and blessings, Erik decided to leave the Art Institute and together market their unique hair jewelry item full time. Margaret developed the technique for installing the Hair Cinch™ on herself and Erik and created a variety of hairstyles including the Hair Cinch™ French Braid.

With Erik's help, Margaret went after the registered trademarks, copyrights and Patents. They earned all of them and in April, 2003, their Patent was approved.

"Who is Hair Cinch Fashions®, Inc.?"

We are a family-owned, Made-in-the-USA manufacturing and distributing company located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. We personally make each and every Original Hair Cinch and all matching accessories, including earrings and fine jewelry hair items. We sell directly to the public, as well as supply specialty boutiques and hair salons that meet our marketing criteria.

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