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The Original Hair Cinch™ Hair Cinch™ Ponytail Slideshow

Advanced Styles and Tips

Advanced Style Suggestions for Using Your New Hair Cinch

1. Create multiple ponytails or pigtails. Try dividing your hair into more than one ponytail, and wear a different Hair Cinch on each one of them. They can each be the same color leather and same style and color of beads, or you can mix it up in any variety of combinations.

2. Create an Egyptian-Style French Braid. Follow the Hair Cinch French Braid instructions, only first take your hair all to one side. You’ll be making 2-4 sections in all. Start above your ear for the first section, and wrap and cinch the first bead. Then bring in some more hair to that first section, and wrap and cinch your next bead. And so on, just as described in the Hair Cinch French Braid instructions.

3. Create one large double or triple braid. Divide and braid your hair into two or three separate braids. Then pull them all together creating one large multi braid, and install your Hair Cinch over it. This is especially nice for those of you with extra thick long hair.

4. Bring two braids together in the back. Divide and braid your hair into two separate braids and connect them in the back of your head (either up high or down low) with your Hair Cinch. Usually you’ll put it in about halfway down their length.

5. Place the Cinch over an already braided section of hair or full braid. This is especially practical for driving in a convertible, boating or motorcycling, to stop the wind damage and "air hair" that usually occurs. It’s also a very nice hair jewelry look as well.

6. Create a two-section Hair Cinch French Braid. (instead of 4 sections) Gather the top half of your hair into a back ponytail, and wrap and cinch the first bead of your Hair Cinch. Then bring in the rest of your hair to that ponytail, then wrap and cinch all the other beads and finish it just as you would a regular ponytail. This is great practice for the full Hair Cinch French Braid. It’s also a nice, masculine looking style for guys with lots of thick, long hair.

7. Do the "Long and Short". Create the "Princess" by installing your longer Hair Cinch into the crown section down the center of your back. Then install a shorter Hair Cinch on each side of the long center one.

8. Create a Period-Style Cinched Bun. Pull your hair into a ponytail and install your Hair Cinch and tie off the ends. Now wrap your Cinched ponytail into a bun, with the beads facing out, and pin carefully into place. The bottom beads can hang down, or get pinned close to the bun. This is a very "period" style of hair adornment.

9. Compliment your Hair Cinch with other pieces of hair jewelry. After putting in your Hair Cinch put in a beautiful matching barrette or hair clip above the first bead. A great pairing would be a Celtic knot hair barrette in sterling silver to compliment a silver beaded Hair Cinch. This is a very smart look.

The possibilities are truly endless. Use your imagination and create your own styles and combinations to be unique. You can even use a book of hair braiding and ponytail styles for some great ideas, and work the Hair Cinch into them. The longer your hair is, the more you can do. You never need to be bored with your long hair again!

IMPORTANT TIP: Always keep the bead you are cinching up away from the hair... at almost a 90º angle... as you slide the bead. This avoids catching hair in the bead when installing and removing your Hair Cinch™.

To remove the Hair Cinch™

Your Hair Cinch™ is designed to STAY IN PLACE until you remove it! To safely remove it, please DO NOT attempt to take the entire Hair Cinch™ out at once by uncinching more than one bead at a time. The Hair Cinch™ is best removed by uncinching ONE BEAD AT A TIME and unwrapping that section of leather from around your hair. Just the reverse of the way it went in.

Send us an e-mail photo or a snapshot showing us your Hair Cinch™ "do", and perhaps you’ll see it highlighted on our website in the future! (with your permission, of course)

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